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Every six months we will bring you the views from some of Australia’s top company Directors on what they see as being the major issues that face us and how they believe we, as a nation, are managing those issues. They will also provide their assessment of how the economy is performing compared to six months ago and how they see the economy performing in six months time.

The Directors interviewed represent organisations in the publicly listed corporate sector, private companies, public institutions and in the social enterprise space. Combined these organisations employ over 260,000 people and generate in excess of $80 billion in revenues.

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Boardroom Barometer provides a voice for some of Australia’s most senior Company Directors on Australia’s key issues providing them with a platform where they can express their views in a confidential and forthright manner without having the companies they represent held to account for such views. The Boardroom Barometer will be conducted and released every six months to provide a record of views over time.